What is Push Notification?

Push Notification is a message shown to the application user whenever user need to be notified of something. Push Notification are implemented in both Mobile and Desktop Applications. Though it was first introduced in mobile phone by apple.

What kind of messages are shown in the push notification ?

There is no specific category message to show to the end user. These are just like email notification which you send to your app users,  which could be like

  • New message from friend / New Credits (Transaction Notification)
  • Event notification
  • Reminder
  • Sales Offers etc

From the above you see that there is no difference from email notification. But there is only one difference, which is sending the notification on devices instead of email channel. This is more engaging the end user, since they are connected to the device always.  So when a notification pops out, user tends to click at it immediately.

Why OneSignal Push Notification ?

There are lot of players who offers Push Notification services which includes the below

  • Delivery to all devices(Desktop, Mobile)
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Customized notifications with images and styles
  • Localization
  • Analytics etc

But OneSignal is free and reliable. Yeah you read it correctly. It is free as of writing today and we guess they will continue the free for full time. They are giving the service for free and make money by selling your data to advertisers and research companies. This is how they can able to make money.

However they do paid services which offer data privacy. There are others features like A/B testing, drip marketing, segment targeting etc which need a separate blog post.

So if you are running an e-commerce shop don’t avoid Push Notification. Include Push notification and engage more with your customer. Here is another blog post which talks about increasing your online shop sales via Top 3 channels.

There is a free WordPress plugin by OneSignal from WordPress repository if you would like to integrate OneSignal with your WordPress System.

If you find any other useful and reliable free push notification service don’t forget to include them in the comment sections.



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