Whether its your first sale or n-th sale, below are the top 3 channel where you can communicate to your shop audience and make more sales. All the three channel need permission from your customer before you send any message to them through the channel

Given below are the top 3 channel which are in no particular order.

E-Mail Notification

E-mail Notification is the oldest among this three channel, open rate is low compared to the other two. But still is a standard way and people are very familiar with it. It is worth mentioning here. You need to just get the site visitor e-mail ID from a form, so that you can use it later and mail the visitor if they abandon a cart or inactive for long time(Stopped Purchasing from you). Reminding about anything or running promotional campaign etc can be easily done here.

This is a very known solution, But as we knew the open rate is low compared to the other new two sparking channels.


Web Push Notification

Web Push Notification are the game changer, because people will respond to it immediately and thus the open rate is very high compared to email.  Web Push Notification are originated by the idea of push notification introduced by apple on 2009.

Here too we can make use of customer information and send them deals/offers for any item they are looking for long time or send them abandon cart notification etc. But user have to give permission to send them notification. A permission dialog will be prompted by web browser when we try to get access to send notification. Once they approve you can send notiftion from greetings to remind anything which you feel important to customer.

For example: If a new outfit arrived in his/her preference, you can send a notification to check it out immediately.  Birthday offer, re-order/running out reminder etc notifications.

Facebook Messenger(Social Media)

Have the Facebook Messenger opt in (Send to Messenger) Plugin to your Shopping site at add to cart button or at cart, checkout pages.  If they opt-in you can check with them by sending msg directly to their messenger app. By this way customer feel more alive and they will appreciate the effort you put to get them what they want.

This is more like you get to know about your customer more than direct shop customer. Because you can check their basic profile details and suggest them items according to their taste. In fact people can contact you for support through Facebook messenger itself. Downside here is, you can reach to customer only who have Facebook accounts though almost everyone has Facebook. We might miss couple of customers.


Each one has its ups and downs, what we would suggest is, use all the three and excel where ever you can. The customer count will increase and keep helping people through your service.

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